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craving? This is the meaning

craving? This is the meaning

These are the well-known times when you get hungry for something:11:00, 16:00, 19:00… Ideally you want something tasty. Know why you have a craving and prevent a binge!

A rumbling stomach at 11 a.m.

Your breakfast seems ages ago. Did you eat good carbohydrates and proteins? White bread or sugary muesli can make you hungry again during the morning, because your blood sugar spikes and you crave sugar. Snack on a rice cake with peanut butter or cucumber with chicken breast to wait for lunch in a healthy way.

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Sorrow-of-faintness at 4:00 pm

Are you no longer in the mood for the working day, are you bored or are you stressed? Emotional reasons can create an appetite or desire to eat. Walk around for a time-out. Do you still feel like grabbing in the candy jar after this? You can also opt for something healthier, such as four dried apricots with some nuts for carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Hunger at 6:00 pm, just before the food is on the table

It's understandable that you're hungry and need nutrients after a long day, but don't succumb to the bag of chips while you're already in the kitchen preparing dinner. Rather take some vegetables that you are cutting while cooking.

Fancy something sweet at 19.00

You can give in, but opt ​​for the healthy sweet nutrients in a block of 80%+ cocoa. This cocoa that is low in sugar makes your blood sugar stable again so that your sweet cravings disappear.

Source:Santé March 2020, text:Loes van de Mosselaar