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This is the point of sighing

This is the point of sighing

You have probably already noticed how it can be a relief to take a deep breath. Keep going, because sighing not only expresses an emotion, it is also healthy for you.

What is a sigh?

A sigh is a prolonged, deeper, and audible inhalation and exhalation. That way your lungs get more oxygen. If you take shallow breaths, alveoli can stick together. They can then fill themselves a little less easily. By taking a deep breath, the blisters can fill with air again and you get more oxygen. According to research by the University of California, sighing is even vital.

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Control emotions

Sometimes a sigh can also help you control emotions. Missed the train again? With a deep sigh, you try to get rid of the frustration. Sighing is also common during stress. Stress often makes you breathe faster and shallower. This will make you sigh more. A sigh is a kind of reset for your breathing and that is very healthy for you.

Did you know that…

On average, a person sighs once every five minutes. Sighing is by no means always conscious.