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Did you know that this can improve your sleep quality?

Did you know that this can improve your sleep quality?

Scent can do a lot for you. Also for your sleep quality! Because this is the scent that can improve your sleep quality

Canadian researchers from The University of British Columbia have discovered that your partner's scent can improve your sleep quality.

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The study analyzed sleep data from 155 people who had been in a relationship for years. The participants were given two identical t-shirts in which they had to sleep every day. One shirt was unused, the other had been worn by the partner for 24 hours and then frozen to preserve the scent.

Body odor

During that 24 hours, no deodorants, body lotions or perfumes were allowed to be used, nor was there any sport or smoking allowed:anything that could affect body odor had to be avoided. The participants did not know whether they were wearing an unused shirt or a shirt used by their partner.


Sleep watches were used to monitor sleep. The participants also had to fill out a survey. It turned out that those wearing the shirt the partner had worn fell asleep faster and felt more rested.

According to researcher Marlise Hofer, the effect was even comparable to people who take melatonin to sleep better. It was also noticeable that participants who wore their partner's shirt were tossing and turning less at night.

Scent parents

The researchers now also want to investigate whether babies can sleep better if they smell the scent of their parents.