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What does the pill do to you? Your brain on the pill tells you more

What does the pill do to you? Your brain on the pill tells you more

The arrival of the pill gave women freedom, but the pill also has side effects. In the book Brain on the pill, author Sarah Hill provides insight into what we already know about the influence of the pill on the female brain and especially what we don't know yet.

According to professor of evolutionary psychology Sarah Hill, we are too casual about the pill. According to her, it even has an effect on the choice of your partner. For example, there are women who find out after stopping the contraceptive pill that they have chosen the wrong partner.

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Of course, more things are already known from pill users. This way you can feel less interested in sex and the body can react differently to stress.

More information for an informed choice

In her book Your brain on the pill, Hill wants to explain how sex hormones work, how they can affect the brain and how the pill changes that. She does not offer advice on whether or not you should use the contraceptive pill, but wants to inform girls and women so that they can make an informed choice. Became curious? The book Brain on the Pill is now in the shops.

Source:de Volkskrant