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The health trends in 2017

The health trends in 2017

Nutritionist and guest blogger Anita Mulderij updates us on the health trends in 2017.

Anita: “The year 2016 has flown by. Time to take a closer look at the latest health trends for the brand new year. Which products will be indispensable in our kitchen next year? Which ingredients will we no longer be able to do without?

1. Anti-inflammatory foods
Foods that have an anti-inflammatory effect are becoming increasingly popular. And for good reason:Inflammation is not only related to bloating, but also to disease. Time to invest in anti-inflammatory foods. Think of spices such as turmeric or ginger. But more and more alternatives to inflammation-inducing foods (such as gluten, grains and dairy) are popping up. For example, courgettini (spaghetti strands made from zucchini), almond milk or vegan cheeses.

2. Vegetable proteins
Proteins only animal? Think again! A trend we see more and more – in products, restaurants, recipes – is vegetable proteins. For example, proteins extracted from peas or hemp. These proteins can be found everywhere:it is available as a powder, but you can also find these proteins in certain foods, such as bars, chips and even hamburgers. Vegetable proteins are therefore no longer just for vegans or athletes, but for anyone who wants to be more aware of their own health and that of the planet.

3. Multifunctional drinks Gone are the days when sugary-sweet vitamin drinks were all the rage. Incoming:multifunctional, super healthy drinks with almost medicinal properties. Too good to be true? It turns out that more and more people are looking for ancient medicines for their modern ailments. Herbal extracts and natural extracts are therefore more commonly accepted as medicines and are said to have a huge influence on your posture, appearance and general well-being.

4. Collagen is the new 'it' ingredient Most of our body (our skin and bones) is made up of collagen. But after you are twenty-five, your body has more trouble making this protein. That's why collagen-rich powders and supplements are on the rise. This fiber-rich protein gives you glowing skin, strong nails and healthy digestion. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that staying beautiful on the outside for longer has to do with how your body looks on the inside. Taking good care of your body from the inside can have a long-lasting, positive effect.

5. Recovery is the norm
Intense workouts in the gym and beyond have seen tremendous growth. But unfortunately this sometimes also led to more injuries and overtrained bodies. Spicy workouts don't go away, but the insight lands:good habits, taking good care of your body and recovering are also important (and perhaps even more important). A good recovery is half the battle!'

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Text:Anita Mulderij | Image:Shutterstock