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The Great Cookbook

The Great Cookbook

The Great Cookbook by Lulu Grimes is packed with cooking tips and buying techniques, but above all with a lot of recipes. From now on you can serve the right meal for every occasion.

The Great Cookbook may look like any other basic cookbook, but the culinary bible by Lulu Grimes offers much more than that. You could describe it as a book that gives you the most diverse and international meals by means of handy basic techniques. put on the table.

The dishes are easy to prepare but don't give you the impression that you are reading a cookbook for dummies. have arrived, because of the surprising ingredients and fine garnish strips

We have already put together a delicious Christmas menu:
Start with marinated shrimps with mango chili salsa, then serve the roast turkey with pistachio filling as a main course. Finish the dinner with a dessert of amaretti-filled nectarines. A delicious Christmas meal is guaranteed!

The Great Cookbook costs € 35 and is for sale at bookstores and via >