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8 Signs That Prove You Love Your Job.

8 Signs That Prove You Love Your Job.

At work, when things are going well, it's easy to tell yourself that you are doing a fulfilling activity.

Unfortunately, finding a job you enjoy is far from simple.

But, when we are lucky enough to find a job that excites us, it's a bit like falling in love.

We think about it all the time. We only talk about this. It feels like a relationship that makes us better.

8 Signs That Prove You Love Your Job.

But, like all relationships, what happens once you get used to it? What was innovative yesterday has become routine today. The relationship is no longer a discovery, it is less "sparkling" than before.

When you've been in a relationship for a while (whether it's with a person or your career), how do you know if you really want to commit for the long term?

Are these questions you ask yourself regularly? So here are the 8 signs that you really love your job:

1. There are always tasks to be done

Your working days involve a constant flow of new tasks. The consequence is that you always have plenty of tasks left at the end of the day!

But this feature does not paralyze you. On the contrary, it is precisely because you are efficient that there are always more and more new tasks!

The rhythm you need:it's even more work!

The American writer Ernest Hemingway stopped writing only when he still had plenty of ideas in his head. He would rather have work for the next day than write until he had nothing more to say.

A bit like you at work:there are always new tasks for the next day.

2. You never lose sight of the main objective of your activity

Any professional activity requires carrying out small innocuous tasks.

Usually, these tasks are not very motivating. Therefore, they can easily make us lose sight of the main objective of a project. This is the phenomenon known as "the tree that hides the forest".

One may even feel discouraged if these tasks are difficult and time-consuming.

On the other hand, when you love your work, you are able to see beyond these problems.

When the tree does not hide the forest, it is a good sign. Basically, if you like your work, these details do not prevent you from seeing the whole.

3. You are demanding of yourself

When you are really interested in your work, you are sincerely disappointed if the result of your efforts is below your expectations.

This frustration comes from always wanting the best possible outcome. And, when you truly love your work, you take the time and energy to deliver work worthy of your efforts.

Even if the effort required is particularly demanding, obtaining a result that one can be proud of is all the more rewarding.

4. You always talk about your job

You can't stop talking about your current projects, even if they're upsetting.

Moreover, if you talk about it with your loved ones, it is in the hope of solving the problem. What you want is to discover a new point of view, a new approach.

Warning:talking about your work does not mean complaining about your work.

Indeed, sometimes there are days (or even whole weeks) when nothing goes as we want.

Whether it's a good time or a bad time, people who love their work keep talking about it, even when they're not in the office.

5. Time passes too quickly

You answered 2 or 3 emails. You have completed a few tasks from the previous day. Voila:you are finally ready to work on your important projects.

And there, surprise:it's already lunch time! You wonder where the morning went. In fact, you really feel like the day has just begun.

Do you know that feeling?

Well, so much the better! Because it's a sign that your job suits you.

On the one hand, this means that you start your days easily. On the other hand, it also means that you have a productive work pace — while completing tasks that are neither too easy nor too complicated.

6. Your colleagues are a source of inspiration

The achievements of your colleagues amaze you. You admire their professional tenacity, and you want to support them so that they continue to be great!

You sincerely appreciate the goal you are all working towards together — as a team.

In general, when you feel good about yourself, you also see the good in others.

Somehow, if you admire the work of your colleagues, it means that you also admire your own work!

7. You draw inspiration from your personal life

At the end of the day, you don't know what it means to "hang up your work hat".

Indeed, you enjoy your job. So, logically, you think about it outside working hours.

You often catch yourself looking for solutions outside of working hours.

For example, you take advantage of your “free” time to organize your ideas. And above all, you are constantly looking for connections between the events of your personal life and those of your professional life.

Sometimes your best ideas come to mind outside the office:remember Newton and the apple episode!

8. You don't mind Sunday nights

For people who don't enjoy their job, every day of the week has a certain quality.

Monday is synonymous with recovery. On Wednesday, we are halfway there. On Friday, we slow down before the weekend! Saturday is hangover day.

And finally, Sunday. Even though it is a rest day, it may be the most difficult of the week for many people. This is because it announces a new working week.

When you love your job, it's just the opposite:Sunday is a wonderful day! Like all the other days of the week, in fact :-)

It's always nice to take the time to have a good time with loved ones, to take care of your home, or to take the time to explore your city and its surroundings.

But for people who love their job, Sunday is welcome. Starting a new week, following a good weekend of rest, is an exciting prospect.

Here you have discovered the 8 signs that prove that you love your job. :-)

Do you recognize yourself there? Or maybe you know other signs? So, do not hesitate to share your comments. We can't wait to read you!