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This is what the best diets have in common

This is what the best diets have in common

The best diets have 5 main similarities. They all prefer unprocessed food. Read the other five agreements and take advantage of them.

More about the study
The study was done by two researchers from Yale University. They focused on diets with a complete and realistic meal plan that enough people can sustain. Diets such as a juice cure and raw food were not taken into account.

The seven diets studied
The following seven eating plans were included in the study:low carbohydrate, low fat, low glycemic, Mediterranean, mixed, Paleo and vegetarian.

The similarities between diets

1. They all prefer whole foods It's no longer a secret that processed and prepackaged foods often contain a string of mysterious ingredients. No diet recommends these.

2. Natural products are high on the menu
The diets often recommend eating less meat and more vegetables, fruit and whole grain products.

3. Preferably choose lean meat or fish
Not everyone wants to live a vegetarian life. When you put meat on your plate, it is best to choose lean meat or fish.

4. Avoid added sugars
Added sugars means added calories. To avoid added sugars as much as possible, you should read labels. Even products that you don't expect often contain added sugars. Also read:avoiding sugar? Read labels.

5. They limit saturated fat Saturated fats are also known as bad fats. These diets focus on unsaturated fats.