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Heat alert! Our survival guide to avoid heatstroke

Heat alert! Our survival guide to avoid heatstroke The sun is beating down and the temperature is rising. Also, to avoid getting hot like a British royal guard under his bearskin hat, find out here how to detect the first symptoms of heatstroke and the right things to do.

The sweaty forehead, the peony red skin, okay. But these signs are only the tip of the iceberg of heat-related illnesses... A brief summary of the main heat-related symptoms and solutions to avoid making our summer one gigantic hammam session.

Detect and prevent illness caused by high heat

Symptomatic cramps:in the abdomen, arms, legs... They are often due to intense physical effort. To avoid them, we postpone the big works until the fall while taking care of ourselves as much as possible.

Exhaustion:very common in the elderly, it is mainly manifested by fatigue and, paradoxically, insomnia... So do not hesitate to take a short nap in the middle of the afternoon.

Heat stroke:this is the most spectacular. The body exceeds 40 degrees and violent headaches, confusion or even convulsions are felt. To avoid a dramatic end to this disaster scenario, immediately call 15 (Samu) at the first sign.

In any case, when faced with a person with these symptoms (without taking yourself for Dr. Shepherd) transport them to the shade or to a cool place. Then, no prudishness:take off his clothes, sprinkle him with cool water and fan his face.

High temperatures:good reflexes to adopt

  • Stop physical activity. In short, no running, DIY or gardening.
  • We stop playing the Hollywood star with our sunglasses. Shaded sidewalks are better.
  • We avoid red or black clothes. These colors will make us the ideal prey of the sun. And we opt for a large hat to avoid sunstroke.
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  • A good thing to steal from our American friends:the shower at all hours. In the morning, at noon, before snacking... As soon as you feel a little clammy, dirty or scarlet, you don't hesitate. Be careful not to overdo it with the amount of water used.
  • Summer bad plan:whistle pastagas on the terrace. In the heat, we focus on non-alcoholic and refreshing drinks such as mineral or sparkling water. A good way to avoid the dreaded dehydration of vacationers.
  • Finally, rather than being sweaty, we go swimming!

How to minimize the impacts of heat at home?

Every year, many heat victims lose their lives in their own homes. Because you should know that when the outside temperature is 21 degrees, it is 4 or 5 degrees warmer in the apartment.

"It's too hot in my house"? An air of deja vu by more than twenty-five degrees in the shade... To overcome this, nothing could be simpler than:

  • Keep blinds and shutters closed as long as the dodger persists.
  • Air the rooms as soon as it starts to get cold.
  • Take it easy with the TV and other PCs, big heat generators.
  • Get foggers or fans:classic but terribly effective.

"I don't have shutters on my windows":no panic. Ditto for the students and other cursed poets living in a 10 m2 dovecote under the roof. Armed with sunglasses, we go wandering around air-conditioned places during the day and combine business with pleasure (department stores, shaded terraces that diffuse misters...). Other options:going to the swimming pool, going to the movies or binging on shaved ice smoothies.

"And how do I install my air conditioner?" :back from Darty and already distraught? Everything is fine ! If our bike is an individual mobile one-piece single-duct fan, it is essential to provide an outlet to the outside for the hot air exhaust pipe. (For both ducts, provide an additional outlet). Then set the device to 25 degrees (to avoid too violent thermal shocks with the outside, like "air conditioning " generalized American).

"My mini is not air-conditioned!" :and one feels like a polar bear in an equatorial greenhouse. Quick, we drive at night, it's relaxing and romantic. To be checked:the level of oil, coolant and brakes, but also the battery.

Children, seniors... Populations at risk of heat

  • Seniors

We don't hesitate to visit loved ones, go shopping for them (and take the opportunity to strengthen family ties at the same time).

  • Infants and children under four years old

Particularly vulnerable category. The total summer camp look is essential:white cap, sunglasses, sunscreen... For a newborn, you have to start worrying if he is grumpy, feverish and very red.

  • People taking medication

One ​​to watch, especially if it's been a while since they've visited their GP. Asthmatics and people with heart problems are also very fragile.

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