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Top 5 running tips for beginners

Running is a very popular sport today. You only have to look outside and you see many people running by every day, rain or shine. And why not, running is a great way to get in shape or lose weight, and it has many health benefits. In addition, it is a cheap and easy way to exercise; you need little, and in a short time you have a complete cardio workout. If you also feel like getting started, read our 5 running tips for beginners below.

Tip 1 – Start small. If you've never run before, start gently. Start at a very slow pace and only walk a little harder after about ten minutes. Then the muscles are well warmed up, and you prevent injuries and disappointments. Also, do not immediately start running a long distance, that will come the longer you walk. Especially if you are in poor condition, it is important to take the time to achieve your goals.

Tip 2 – Make sure you have good running shoes. When you start running, a good pair of running shoes is a must. Besides the fact that you walk a lot better, the chance of injuries and injuries is smaller. Running shoes are specifically designed for running, unlike regular everyday sneakers. You can opt for the well-known Nike running shoes, but you can also go for one of the running shoes at Hardloop-geest, where you have an extensive range of different brands and in different price ranges.

Tip 3 - Walk safely. If you are walking alone it is important to take a few precautions. Always tell someone where you are walking and approximately how long you will be away. Do not walk in a dark park, but rather stay in a populated area. Wear fluorescent clothing or put a light on your clothes so that you are clearly visible. Always take your mobile phone with you!

Tip 4 – Rest. Recovery is important, so after a day of running, it's best not to walk for a day. Your muscles are quite stressed, so it is necessary to give them a day of rest. This also increases your performance. Be sure to listen to the signals your body is sending out! Don't do more than you can. If you find that after a day of rest you are not ready to walk again, wait another day. You can avoid many problems this way.

Tip 5 – Provide motivation. Starting a new sport may be fun, but it can become less fun after a while. Try to stay motivated by remembering why you started running in the first place. Put on some nice music while you run or find a different route if you have seen the old route. But above all, don't give up!