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Online health insurance:advantages and disadvantages

Online health insurance:advantages and disadvantages

Online health insurance is often cheaper, but why? The answer to the question are you just as well insured as with regular insurance is yes.

The coverage of the online basic insurance is exactly the same as that of a regular insurance. This is established by law. So you don't have to be afraid that it suddenly turns out that you are not being reimbursed for something that was previously the case.

Why is it cheaper?
With internet insurance, you arrange everything yourself. Declarations, changes, questions. You arrange it all online. As a result, the insurer can save a lot of costs and offer a lower premium to the members of their internet insurance.

Main difference
The main difference between online insurance and the regular variant is the service. Do you have online insurance and do you have a question? Then you will usually first be referred to the FAQ on the website. Are you stuck? Then you can email.

Something for you?
Asking questions by e-mail and claiming your healthcare costs online is not difficult, but you do need to understand how it works. If you don't feel like that 'hassle', online insurance is probably not quite your thing.

Do you prefer regular or online insurance?